Highlights of Science Instruction at AF

1.) We have whole heartedly embraced the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and have moved rapidly with the support of cool external partners like the Dana Center and BSCS to transition across K-12.

2.) We have a vertically aligned K-12 science program so that content builds from each grade starting in Kinder.

3.) We prioritize the full inquiry nature of science and science as something students should do, not something done to them or the mere acquisition of factual knowledge.

STEM Resources

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AF is Setting the Bar High

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2015-16 High School Math Teacher


2015-16 Secondary STEM Teacher

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The STEM Gap

Presidential Point of View


National Science Teachers Association Annual Conference

Achievement First teachers, leaders, and curriculum writers are excited to attend the annual NSTA conference in Chicago this March, where AF will be featured in a video about STEM instruction.  Planning to attend the conference and interested in talking with someone from AF? Email hadleykornacki@achievementfirst.org to arrange a conversation.

Budding Scientists