Teacher Residency

Our teacher in residence program is an amazing opportunity for recent college graduates and career changers, with little or no teaching experience, who want to explore a career in education. Teachers-in-residence are exposed to best practices in teaching, gain hands-on experience in the classroom assisting teachers and learn about the administration of a high-performing charter school.

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We recognize that the number one factor impacting student achievement is teacher quality. So, finding, developing, recognizing, and retaining great educators is the key to the success of our students and the network as a whole. We hire the best teachers from around the country, provide them with outstanding professional development, and create opportunities that will inspire and support them in their careers. Come join our Teamily.

Ben Esser, a Distinguished Teacher, explains why he chose to teach at Achievement First.

Teacher Career Pathways

We want to make sure that our excellent teachers are able to progress in their careers and have opportunities and recognition commensurate with their increasing effectiveness.

You can read all about AF's systematic, coordinated approach to recognizing and developing great teachers as they progress through five career stages: teacher in residence, new teacher, teacher, distinguished teacher and master teacher here.